"BioDigital Human"

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Metal Slug Brutal 3

Animated by Christopher Stokes

Shiny One

Man Eatter

Cains Mark

Have a Drink with me Tonight

Head Hunter

Mad Hatter

Here Take my Heart

Vampire Shift

Goats Head

Can't Take This

Sleep forever

Get your Free Rose

A Free Gift

Devils Pitchfork

Over Watch

Take the Moon


Dark Reaper

Animations by Christopher Stokes 2011 for Dark at Heart

Angel Animations by Christopher Stokes for Dark at Heart

Nice and Pretty Things Animated by Christopher Stokes

Dark and Evil Animations by Christopher Stokes

Rainbow Animations by Christopher Stokes


Eves Apple


Your Next

My Cake

host Wall

Soul a Flame


Down here


Mirror of Doom

Dark Golem

What Have you Done?

To Death

Licky Lick Lick

Face Melt off

Creepia Peeky

Dark Angel of Metal

Gothic Cross

London Vampire

Technical Beast

House on the Hill